Readings, Month 1


We have chosen readings from across disciplines, so there should be something for everybody. We think it would be really interesting if you could review pieces from your own fields, as well as others.

The readings for this month are:


  • Christof Heyns, Dapo Akande, Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne and Thompson Chengeta – The international law framework regulating the use of armed drones, International and Comparative Law Quarterly vol 65, October 2016 pp 791–827
  • Selmer Bringsjord and John Licato – By Disanalogy, Cyberwarfare Is Utterly New, Philosophy & Technology, 2015, Vol.28(3), pp.339-358
  • Mariarosaria Taddeo – Information Warfare A Philosophical Perspective, Philosophy & Technology, 2012, Vol.25(1), pp.105-120
  • Paul W. Kahn – Imagining Warfare, European Journal Of International Law, 2013, Vol. 24(1), pp.199-226


  • Grégoire Chamayou – Drone Theory, Penguin Books, 2015 (translated by Janet Lloyd). Feel free to review it in the original French, if you prefer.


  • Kathryn Bigelow – Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

We look forward to hearing what people have to say.


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