Patrick Mahomes would welcome the challenge of Aaron Rodgers in the AFC West

In the unlikely event that the Packers decide to trade quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he quite possibly will be traded to the Denver Broncos, of the AFC West. That would guarantee two showdowns per year against the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

So how does Mahomes feel about that possibility? He addressed it from the 15 and the Mahomies golf tournament in Hawaii.

“Obviously, it’d be awesome,” Mahomes said. “To have that challenge . . . two times a year, every single year. It would be a great, great opportunity. I mean, he’s a heck of a football player. He’s been doing it for a long time that I’ve watched play and learned a lot from. But definitely if he came to the AFC West, it would make it a little tougher for us, but we’re up to the challenge.”

There’s still no reason to think the Packers would trade Rodgers. His wish list consists, as we’ve previously reported, of the 49ers, Broncos, and Raiders. With the 49ers going all in with Trey Lance (and Jimmy Garoppolo), that leaves the Broncos and Raiders. Both are in the AFC West. Either would result in Mahomes seeing Rodgers twice per year.

Rodgers and Mahomes have yet to square off. In 2019, Mahomes had a knee injury. They’re due to meet in Week Nine of the 2021 season, if Rodgers is playing for the Packers. If he’s playing for the Broncos or Raiders, they’ll meet twice this season.

Again, the Packers have shown no inclination to trade Rodgers. While that can change at any given moment, the Packers have held firm for weeks.